Participation in preventative care costs for:

  • iFOBT (immunochemical faecal occult blood tests): €20, via Régime Commun
  • vaccination against hepatitis A or B: €30, via Régime Commun
  • Lipoedema (Stade II): up to €1,000/year in the event of surgery, via Prestaplus
  • Functional re-education or re-adaptation for up to 360 days post-surgery (instead of 180 days), via Régime Commun
  • PROTEA (up to €2,000), a therapeutic programme for emotional exhaustion (burnout), proposed and developed by the GesondheetsZentrum of the Robert Schuman Hospital Foundation, via Prestaplus
  • Treatment carried out by a certified chiropractor or osteopath (available since July 2018), via Régime Commun & Prestaplus

Participation in dental and optical costs (via Denta&Optiplus):

  • Dental care: up to1,000 (instead of €600)
  • Periodontal treatment: up to 400 (instead of €200)
  • Orthodontics: +60 % (€400 instead of €250)
  • Contact lenses: +50%, up to €150
  • Refractive eye surgery: up to €1,000 per eye (instead of €500)

Participation in costs for:

  • Dental implants: €150 instead of €120, via Régime Commun
  • General anaesthesia, including MEOPA up to €100 for children up to the age of 14, via Régime Commun
  • Auditory prostheses: €200 instead of €100, via Régime Commun
  • Medical fees abroad: +50%. In the event of hospitalisation without surgery or serious medical treatment, the maximum will be €1,221.60 instead of €814.40, via Régime Commun
  • Companion fees: In the event of hospitalisation of a member’s companion at the end of life, via Régime Commun

CMCM mobile app

Thanks to the CMCM app, you no longer need to send us your medical bills via post or email. With the app, you can…

  • request reimbursement for your medical bills and send other documents (e.g. acts and certificates) directly and securely with your smartphone.
  • view your reimbursement history and keep track of submitted and processed requests.
  • access a list of pharmacies on call.
  • call CMCM Assistance directly from abroad or in the event of an emergency.
  • stay up to date on the latest news from the CMCM.

Download the CMCM mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

New members < age 30 get 1 YEAR FREE

Is your son/daughter starting to work? For any young person under the age of 30 who wishes to join the CMCM for the first time, the CMCM will cover membership costs for both the current year and the year to come.

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